About us

Gynecological Cancer Association

The Gynaecological Cancer Patients National Coalition

Gyncancerförbundet is a nonprofit making organization that is religiously and politically independent.
Our aim is to support women with gynaecological cancer and their relatives. We also aim to influence politicians and others in decision making positions as well as public opinion so that:
• a common care plan and common guidelines are established throughout Sweden.
• all women regardless of where they live shall have access to the latest and best care available for gynaecological cancer.
• preventive measures such as health checks and screening are developed and carried out.
• all patients are offered rehabilitation.

Gyncancerförbundet, was founded on April 15, 2000 by three local member organizations, Gynaecological cancer patient associations: Viola (Skåne), GCF Musslan (Värmland) and GCF Linnea (Medelpad). It was hoped that co-operation between the member associations would be more effective when dealing with common issues.

Member Associations
Today Gyncancerförbundet is made up of 10 gynaecological cancer patient associations and a number of individual members.
We are working towards forming several more associations within a near future. By creating new associations and increasing the membership Gyncancerförbundet will be able to exercise greater influence over issues of policy of great importance to women with gynaecological cancer.

The local gynaecological cancer associations’ prime task is to offer support to women with gynaecological cancer. These associations make it possible for the members to meet, get to know one another and support one another by arranging association meetings and activities such as lectures. The associations also offer help from trained support workers.

As the representative of the collected patient associations, Gyncancerförbundet is the lobbying body that can also comment on government proposals. We are  responsible for information and for disseminating knowledge about gynaecological cancer to the public. We train the organizations’ support workers.

Support workers
Falling ill with cancer is a traumatic event in the life of a woman and her family. AllGyncancerförbundet’s support workers have themselves had a gynaecological cancer or are relatives of people who have had such a cancer. They know from personal experience how important it is to have someone to talk to about one’s situation. Our support workers have a moral duty of silence and in the case of medical issues refer members to care professionals. They can all be reached via their home telephone numbers or via Gyncancerförbundet’s home page under the link stödpersonsverksamhet.

There is a folder in English which can be ordered from info@gyncancerforbundet.se. (Please give your name and address and the number of copies required.